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We are a wholesaler for second hand clothes and have always plenty of them in stock – to unsurpassed prices! We sell our clothes to individuals, who wish to carry out commerce, as well as to international companies for worldwide exportation. You can purchase our clothes according to your individual needs – in small and large quantities up to 1000 kg. For further information, please contact us.


We are an attractive source of supply for large volumes of second hand clothing to be exported worldwide, e.g. Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia … Exporting agents are offered plenty of used clothes of up to 1000 kg. The price of such wholesale second hand clothes is 0.60 € per kg, packed and ready to be collected at our warehouse in Luxembourg (50 km distant from Trier /
80 km from Saarbrücken). For wholesale goods of 1000 kg, please contact us and notify your visit.

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In b2b-trade we are also a competent provider for second hand clothes at lowest prices, so, we furnish German and international companies.


There are several possibilities for you as individual to earn money with our second-hand clothes.
We, as a strong partner, stand by your side by always delivering good second-hand clothes to competitive prices, no matter if you wish to trade on eBay, other internet markets and flea markets, at sales parties or elsewhere.

Online trading

For some time now, selling through online-shops has been steadily increasing. You are welcome to join the booming trade with clothes on the internet and to create your own sideline. We provide you with premium second-hand clothes that you sell on eBay and other online marketplaces. We supply you with second-hand clothes – reliably and at low prices. We offer you a huge selection of all sorts of clothing. Create your additional income with a little input and a large profit. All what you need is your access to the internet and off you go earning money at ease from your desk at home.

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We offer very attractive clothing in packages of several kilogrammes. The clothes are in good and clean condition and are sorted by the categories – adults, children, winter and summer clothes.


If we have aroused your interest, please contact us.
Lindner Sàrl-s
Rue du Fort Neipperg 60
2230 Luxembourg
Department Second-Hand Wholesale



Monday – Friday
9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Collection at warehouse:
Rue du Fort Neipperg 60
The store Trouvailles is near the Luxembourg Central Station.

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